Additional MMT Resources


Here’s our Modern Money Basics YouTube channel Check out the playlists with short topical clips compiled by Deficit Owls Watch presentations from the MMT Conference

Books & Articles

Stephanie Kelton’s NYT article How We Think About The Deficit Is Mostly Wrong is a good introduction. Her published paper Can Taxes and Bonds Finance Government Spending? gets into more detail on the operational details of Treasury and Central Bank processes. An easy-to-read free book, Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy by Warren Mosler (available in PDF version or EPUB version) Warren Mosler’s other Mandatory Readings Randall Wray’s MMT Primer blog is free online or you can order the updated book. Search Bill Mitchell’s exhaustive blog on any topic of interest Pavlina Tcherneva has written extensively on the Job Guarantee along with other MMT publications Eric Tymoigne has an excellent series on Money and Banking The Modern Money Network is a good source of seminar videos.

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More MMT Resources

See the Gower Initiative for Modern Money Studies resources page for a good list of MMT papers, books, sites and more.

Another good list of MMT resources is available at We Can Have Nice Things (click the Resources link).